Standard Group has vertically integrated various accessory production by producing them in-house. We have a complete manufacturing solution for packaging and others garment accessories eliminating external dependencies for these products.



Standard Group is one of the largest woven garment manufacturers in Bangladesh using state of the art technology. Our production capabilities include bottoms, tops, outer wear, active wear and various other product categories. 

Standard Group is capable of producing a comprehensive range of sweater products in a variety of gauges.  Our product lines include  sweaters, pullovers, cardigans, vests, tank tops, and various other knit garments.
Standard Group is one of the largest garment after effects service provider in Bangladesh. We provide an assortment of facilities which include: laundry, dyeing, printing, and embroidery solutions.
Creative Design

Artwork Development

Trend forecasting
Standard Group has its own design house led by some of the most creative and talented designers in Bangladesh. They have the skills and vision necessary to meet your expectation in areas such as creative design, artwork design & development, and sample development.
Softline Testing
Quality Assurance
Standard Group has established its own in-house textile testing laboratory with state of the art technology. Approved by numerous international standards, our lab is fully equipped for testing all types of fabrics to ensure all garment compliances are met.
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