Let us do your laundry & if you like, we can destroy your garments too.
Laundry & Dye House


Products: Washable pants, shirts, shorts, skirts and Jackets.
Capacity: 2.5 million pieces per month.

Dry Process

Under the dry garment processing, we apply different effects on the garments required by our customer needs. We have implemented our quality control mechanisms in our dry processes as well to ensure the best wash possible.

Wet Process

We do various stone, enzyme and bleach. Any one or more of these wet processes may be applied to the garments depending on the customer’s specifications.

Dye House

We are able to dye and texturize garments to meet customer specifications in our wet processing facility. Some of our dyes include:

  • Pigment Dye
  • Reactive Dye
  • Double Dye
  • Crystal Dye
  • Marble Dye
  • Solids