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Employee Welfare

Child Care

Standard Group provides Child Care facilities for all its employees. Each Child Care center is well illuminated, ventilated and spacious for the children to enjoy. Food, clothing and medical assistance are provided to these kids free of charge.


Each production plant has a separate medical section to provide medical service to its employees. Employees are treated with professional care and provided with free medicine at these facilities. Ambulance service is available round the clock to attend any necessary emergency.

Maternity Welfare

Standard Group offers various Maternity benefits for its female employees. Each pregnant woman is provided with light work during pregnancy, maternity leave, free weekly health checkups by certified doctors and other benefits. Standard Group is among the first companies to provide Maternity Welfare benefits to employees in Bangladesh.

Safety Training

Standard Group prioritizes safety over all else. Each employee undergoes comprehensive safety training before and after joining the company. These training sessions include fire safety, first aid, machinery safety, chemical and hazardous material handling, manufacturing safety issues, etc..