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Standard Group’s major strength is in Woven Garments. We possess the most modern and comprehensive production technology to cut, sew, dye, wash, and finish woven products. Dedicated quality assurance in every step of production ensures high quality garments every time. Our garments have withstood all international standards including the most complex customer requirements.

Quality Assurance Factors

With the up to date technology, our manufacturing ensures quality beyond expectation. Starting from metal detection to fabric shade inspection, we utilize the best tools and workforce to complete the tasks.

We have one of the most comprehensive quality assurance methods as well as a highly equipped & skilled team. Our quality assurance method is capable of passing all the standards set by international agencies as well as customers.

Product Range


Standard Group has one of the largest bottom production facilities in Bangladesh. We are able to produce bottoms ranging from simple basic bottoms to complex/highly fashionable bottoms. With our state of the art washing facilities, we are able to produce almost any type of bottom.

Types of woven bottom wears

  • Men’s Pants
  • Ladies Pants
  • Kid’s Pants
  • Shorts
  • Basic pants
  • Long pants


The company is one of the pioneers in employing the latest technologies for top wear, including shirts for men, women, and kids/children. The types of Woven Top Wears we manufacture include:

  • Casual Shirt
  • Top Wear
  • Dress Shirt
  • Flannel Shirt


Standard Group started in 1984 making outer wear. As a result, the company has embedded in its capability to produce various types of outer wear. Our production teams have become outer wear experts with all the experience gained over the years.

The Types of Outer Wears

  • Basic Jacket
  • Basic Lined Jacket
  • Bomber Jacket
  • Down Jacket
  • Function Jacket
  • Padded Jacket
  • Woven Pullover
  • Sealed Jacket
  • Sun dress
  • Woven vest
  • Denim outer wear

Active, Sports, and Work Wear

Sports and active woven wear clothing need extraordinary durability as well as comfort. Standard Group has some of the most complex machineries and highly skilled manpower to produce the most durable and comfortable sports and active wear possible.

Types of Work, Active, and Sports Wear

  • Sports Pants
  • Sports Jackets
  • Sports Jersey
  • Promotional Jersey
  • Nylon and Wool Award Jackets
  • Corduroy Jackets
  • Twill Poplin Jackets
  • Supplex Jackets
  • Satin Jackets
  • Action Fleece Jackets
  • Sports Sweats
  • Swim Parkas
  • Band Parkas
  • Warm-Up Suits

Inner wear

Inner wear is all about comfort and Standard Group uses the finest production techniques and sources the most comfortable materials to ensure the products satisfy all needs. Standard Group has been producing various types of inner wear for many years now.

Types of Woven Inner Wears

  • Woven Boxer Shorts
  • Woven Flannel Shorts
  • Woven Loungewear

Overall wear

Overall wear has been the major garment for kids and men at work. Standard Group uses a variety of technologies to ensure that the production of overalls maintains top quality.

Types of Overall Wears

  • ¾ Body
  • Full Body
  • Work wear